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  • How to choose suitable yoga mat ? - OEM Supplier

    Different materials of yoga mat, the use of performance is not the same, according to personal needs to choose the right material of yoga mat, currently the most widely used, the most reasonable price is TPE material yoga mat

  • What are the benefits of gymnastics to your health? - Suppliers And

    Gymnastics as a whole-body exercise suitable for adults and children, can exercise the muscles and ligaments of the human body, so as to strengthen the body, shape the beauty of the body, relieve mental pressure, and increase children's self-confidence and innovation ability.

  • how fitness helps mental health - OEM Supplier Factory -

    When it comes to exercise, we may think more about the role of exercise on the physiology, such as: muscle gain, fat loss, plasticity, physical adjustment, etc., often ignore the positive effect of exercise on the human psyche, especially in today's society, depression, autism, neurasthenia and other psychological disorders are becoming more and more prevalent, mental health is also increasingly important to people, then, how exercise is a positive effect on mental health What is the positive effect of exercise on mental health?

  • why yoga is important in our life

    Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years, first from the Sanskrit word meaning "to join", and its ultimate goal is to bring balance to the body, soul and mind through practice and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Since 2015, International Yoga Day has been celebrated on June 21 every year.