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  • 17 health benefits of gymnastics

    One of the best ways to keep your body healthy during gymnastics training. Because gymnasts not only have to build muscles and improve flexibility, they can also choose a healthy lifestyle, be confident and able to make wise decisions, and become successful adults.

  • Some Trampoline Tricks

    Some Trampoline Tricks

  • What are the characteristics of gymnastics

    Compared with other sports, gymnastics has many differences, including diversity, consistency, scientific protection, artistry and creativity, which are the five characteristics.

  • 2021-06-25 how fitness helps mental health

    When it comes to exercise, we may think more about the role of exercise on the physiology, such as: muscle gain, fat loss, plasticity, physical adjustment, etc., often ignore the positive effect of exercise on the human psyche, especially in today's society, depression, autism, neurasthenia and other psychological disorders are becoming more and more prevalent, mental health is also increasingly important to people, then, how exercise is a positive effect on mental health What is the positive effect of exercise on mental health?