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The company is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, is an enterprise dedicated to the development and sales of sporting goods, with a number of high-quality and stable production enterprise partners, through the establishment of independent brands and OEM mode, to provide the majority of sports fans with safer and more preferential sports equipment.
The company always adheres to the tenet of quality and integrity, takes product innovation and work efficiency as its business philosophy, and constantly pursues its own perfect development with loyal service consciousness and meticulous work attitude.
We will work hand in hand with new and old customers to create a better tomorrow!


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    If using an Yoga Ball to Replace Your Traditional Office Chair

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    Regarding exercise, we need to face the reality that most people don't enjoy it, or even get bored with it. The reason why so many people choose to continue exercising is because we know that regular exercise has great benefits for both our bodies and minds. Therefore, you should stick with it and there are several ways you can discover the joy of exercise and make yourself love it.

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