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2021-07-16 why yoga is important in our life

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-07-16 

   Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years, first from the Sanskrit word meaning "to join", and its ultimate goal is to bring balance to the body, soul and mind through practice and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Since 2015, International Yoga Day has been celebrated on June 21 every year.
What benefits can the practice of yoga bring to our lives?
   We will look at the following aspects.
      ❂ Physical health
      ❂ Facilitate weight loss
      ❂ Relieves anxiety
      ❂ Improves immunity
      ❂ Living with a higher consciousness
      ❂ Improves relationships
      ❂ Leads to better sleep
1. Physical and Mental Health
   Human health is not only about physical health, but also about mental health. Exercising yoga is a good way to exercise the body and mind at the same time, because the ultimate goal of yoga is to bring nature, the body and the mind into balance.
2. It is good for weight loss
   Yoga is also a kind of exercise, a reasonable and planned practice can make us consume more fat and improve our metabolism, thus achieving the purpose of weight loss.
3. Relieve anxiety
   A full day of hard work often makes us tired, and the tedious work often makes us anxious. Yoga practice can attract our attention, by adjusting our breathing and quieting our mind to feel ourselves, it can well relieve our stress and effectively eliminate the worries of the day, a clear mind can also make it easier for us to deal with the trivialities of life.
4. Improve immunity
   Practicing yoga requires our whole body to be involved, and it also builds up our muscle strength, which helps to improve our body's immunity.
5. Live with a higher consciousness
   We are so busy with our daily lives that we never take a moment to properly communicate effectively with our inner world. Yoga is exercise in a calm environment where we can temporarily escape from any external influences during this short exercise, which is a good moment for our inner self communication while no one will disturb you.
6. Improve relationship
   Through yoga exercise, you will get a good mood, a good mood is contagious and can make you more harmonious and satisfied when you are with your loved ones.
7. Bring better sleep
   A study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health provides complete information about this.
According to the study, insomnia can be improved to a great extent if yoga training is done properly every day.
   Yoga is not a medicine, but it can bring us great benefits and practicing yoga should become an indispensable lifestyle in our life.


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