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  • How to eat a balanced diet during exercise

    The human body is like a machine that requires a constant intake of energy to keep it running properly, but here are some suggestions on how we can achieve balanced nutrition for good health during exercise.

  • 8 fun fitness challenge ideas for beginners

    With 8 small fitness challenge ideas in our daily life, we can have fun and get healthier

  • what is fitness bands

    For many people who exercise regularly, resistance band is a fitness equipment that can not be ignored, especially those who often exercise at home. Although it is just a seemingly insignificant band, but it can mobilize your whole body muscles, so that you can double the effect of exercise, so what is the elastic band, let's take a look at it.

  • how fitness helps mental health - OEM Supplier Factory -

    When it comes to exercise, we may think more about the role of exercise on the physiology, such as: muscle gain, fat loss, plasticity, physical adjustment, etc., often ignore the positive effect of exercise on the human psyche, especially in today's society, depression, autism, neurasthenia and other psychological disorders are becoming more and more prevalent, mental health is also increasingly important to people, then, how exercise is a positive effect on mental health What is the positive effect of exercise on mental health?