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what is fitness bands

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-06-17 

      For many people who exercise regularly, resistance band is a fitness equipment that can not be ignored, especially those who often exercise at home. Although it is just a seemingly insignificant band, but it can mobilize your whole body muscles, so that you can double the effect of exercise, so what is the elastic band, let's take a look at it.

   What is a fitness band ?

       Resistance bands made from surgical tubing in the early 20th century, the Resistance bands is a small, portable, easy-to-use and very effective physical training tool, also known as a stretch band. More than 100 years ago, the band resistance training tools are used in the field of fitness, mainly for men's strength training, women's body trimming program and widely used in the field of rehabilitation training.

      Stretch bands are often used as a fitness training tool at home or when traveling. When used with the rhythm of music, it can be turned into an aerobic training that can quickly trim the body, strengthen the cardio and improve the body posture. Trainers who refer to the professional stretch band training video to train, training effect is more significant.

      fitness bands are known as the "great democrat" of the fitness world, they are very inexpensive to use compared to gym dues or other fitness equipment, and they are flexible and portable so you can start your training anywhere. became popular.

   The source of resistance of the elastic band

     The resistance of the elastic band changes mainly on the basis of its elongation. Elastic band elastic resistance training is a very special kind of resistance training. When using elastic band training, most of the muscles of the whole body can be trained in any position and posture, which is more convenient and effective during training.

   The benefits of resistance band exercise

01 Easy to carry

   One of the main advantages of resistance bands over other fitness equipment is that they maintain a constant resistance throughout the range of motion, which forces you to use more muscle groups and helps you improve coordination and balance as you build strength.

02 Diverse functions

   While dumbbells can give you a greater weight load, and fitness equipment is more stable and easier to use, they are not as versatile as resistance bands. You can use resistance bands with any workout, for example, you can do a set of resistance band squats followed by dips, or do a few resistance band sprints followed by overhead training ...... In short, resistance bands can give you more training possibilities and make your workout more fun.

03 Calling more muscles

   Because of the versatility of resistance bands, they call on more muscles in the body and therefore they are more efficient. For example, a bicep with dumbbells is a fixed movement, and the muscles used are predictable. And because of the instability brought about by the resistance band itself, it sets the muscle fibers around the arms and shoulders to work to keep the joints and muscles involved stable.

   Although resistance bands can bring us many benefits, but want to get a good body, we need to pay attention to safety while exercising, do not let the muscle injury, especially before the start of the exercise, to carry out a full warm-up activities.