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What benefits can sports bring to children

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-04-20 

1. Promote physical development

As a result of sports, improve the blood circulation of the human body, can make the bone tissue get more nutrition, at the same time, exercise on the bone plays a mechanical stimulation. Therefore, it can accelerate the growth of bones, increase the height of children, and make children's physique more robust.

2. Promote healthy gastrointestinal tract

More exercise is helpful to children's intestinal development, promote intestinal peristalsis, digestion and absorption. Intestinal digestion function is good, nutrition absorption is good, development is better.

3. Promote the development of nervous system

Movement needs to coordinate the whole body, and body coordination is controlled by the nervous system. A lot of physical exercise helps to improve the nervous system.

During exercise, the coordinated movement of all parts of the body is under the unified control and regulation of the nervous system. Therefore, while carrying out physical exercise, the nervous system itself also undergoes exercise and improvement.

4. Keep healthy

As we all know, more exercise is good for our health.

5. Interpersonal communication

Children in a variety of sports, can know more small partners, in interpersonal communication can also cultivate a more cheerful character.

6. Strengthen the body function

(1) Strengthen the heart: here is mainly about aerobic exercise. This exercise is mainly aimed at large muscle groups, which can make the heart beat continuously for several minutes. If we insist on doing this exercise and ensure the oxygen supply of the body, the heart will become stronger and stronger, the child's mental state will be better, the work efficiency will be improved, and the child will not feel tired easily.

(2) Strengthen muscles: muscles play the role of supporting joints. When doing sports, the blood flow of muscles participating in activities is accelerated, which makes the metabolism become vigorous, and the muscles will become strong and strong. Regular exercise can make children's muscles stronger and joints better supported, so that children will not be easily injured.

(3) Promote organ development: when doing sports, the main organs of preschool children are mobilized, the heart, lung, liver, spleen and kidney functions become stronger and grow faster.

7. Keep the right weight

It has been proved that many obese children are obviously lack of exercise in life. Obese children are more vulnerable to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, it is important for children to balance energy intake and energy output and maintain proper weight.

8. Sports can make children happier

Exercise has a magical effect, that is, it can make people feel happy, because after exercise, the brain and body will secrete a chemical substance - endorphin, making children become excited.

9. can prevent diseases

Children often exercise outdoors, receive the bath of sunlight, air and water, can gradually withstand the stimulation of external environment changes, the skin and respiratory mucosa are constantly exercising, which enhances their tolerance, and the cerebral cortex also reflects the cold and hot stimuli.

In outdoor activities, after ultraviolet rays in the sun irradiate the skin, 7-dehydrogesterol in the skin can be transformed into vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, prevent and treat rickets. Ultraviolet rays can also stimulate bone marrow, make red blood cells, prevent anemia. Oxygen in fresh air can promote metabolism and has the function of sterilization.

Matters needing attention in children's sports:

1. observe the law of growth and development, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and do not allow children to exercise with high intensity all the time. It also requires a full range of physical exercise, not just part of the body.

2. insist on it and pay attention to safety. Warm up the child before exercise to prevent injury during exercise.

3. provide good sports atmosphere and sports conditions. Prepare protective equipment for children and teach them how to exercise correctly. Parents should observe their faces, pulse and breath at any time nearby. Once they find out that they are uncomfortable, they should stop exercising immediately.

4. do not interfere with children's Sports Hobbies excessively. Unless it is dangerous, please let the children exercise with their own interests.


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