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What are the characteristics of gymnastics

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-06-19 

Compared with other sports, gymnastics has many differences, including diversity, consistency, scientific protection, artistry and creativity, which are the five characteristics.


   The diversity of gymnastics is specifically manifested in: a variety of sports content, a variety of sports, a variety of training movements, a variety of gymnastic techniques, which is incomparable to other sports.

   As gymnastics includes the training characteristics from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, which is easy to be accepted by people of all stages, regardless of whether they have participated in gymnastics training before, as long as you participate, you can achieve a comprehensive exercise body or focus on the need for exercise, but also makes gymnastics more easily popularized and promoted in the crowd.


   Since gymnastic movements are specified according to the anatomy, physiology, and characteristics of various exercises of the human body, there are strict requirements for the speed, amplitude, angle, distance, height, rhythm and posture of human movement, and at the same time, correct methods and forms must be used to complete each movement reasonably and accurately in order to reap satisfactory results and get higher evaluations. The specification standard of gymnastic movements is both relatively stable and, at the same time, can be gradually improved as the trainer's level increases.

3、Scientific protection help

   Scientific protective assistance refers to the extensive use of various forms of protective assistance in gymnastics training, teaching and even competition to ensure the personal safety of gymnasts and to improve the effectiveness of training. Scientific protection help is an important safety measure as well as a scientific teaching method, which has an important role in preventing training accidents and accelerating the mastery of standard movements and memory to develop good moral character of athletes. Modern gymnasts' technical level has increased significantly, it is inseparable from the use of modern scientific protection help methods.

4、Artistic beauty

   Artistic beauty means that gymnasts should fully display the external and internal beauty of the human body when completing their movements in order to bring the most beautiful artistic feelings to people. At the same time, artistic beauty is comprehensive, it consists of four aspects: 1) athletes' physical and postural beauty is the foundation. 2) movement and technical beauty is the core. 3) music and costume beauty is the condition. 4) spiritual and emotional beauty is the soul. Only when these four aspects are fully unified can the characteristics of artistic beauty of gymnastics be fully demonstrated.


   Creativity means that the movements and difficulty of gymnastics, the techniques and quality needed to complete the movements, the organization and choreography of gymnastic movements, etc. are constantly innovating and developing. Whether it is basic gymnastics and auxiliary gymnastics, or group gymnastics and economic gymnastics, they are constantly developing on the original basis and pushing out new ideas. Creativity is an important sign of the development of gymnastics, and also the life of gymnastics.


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