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What are the benefits of practicing the balance board plate

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-04-14 

Structure of balance plate

Most of the balancing board are between three and six inches high. The board is supported by a small fulcrum. According to the shape of the board and fulcrum, it has different movement modes: sliding, rotating, tilting, rolling or these combinations.

In order to maintain balance, players need to constantly adjust the posture, so as to achieve the purpose of movement.

Benefits of balance board:

Exercise the balance and coordination of the body.

In the process of using the balance board, you need to participate in the whole body, especially the core muscle group. Therefore, you can continuously stimulate all parts of the body and strengthen the muscle ability responsible for balance, such as toes, soles of feet, knees, etc,

In addition, such as the inner ear, cerebellum, glasses and other balance organs can also be exercised, so as to improve the body's sense of balance and enhance various sports performance.

Benefits of practicing the balance board for children's growth:

1. Promote muscle growth

When practicing the balance board, it will speed up the blood flow of the active muscles, improve the metabolism of the body, and make the muscles stronger and stronger.

2. Promote bone growth and development

When practicing the balance board, the periosteum covering the bones will be stimulated to make the bones grow more vigorous and firm.

3. Improve the ability of movement coordination

The sense of balance matures with the development of the human body. Almost all human movements are carried out in the state of maintaining the body balance. If the child's sense of balance is not coordinated,

Can't carry on the normal movement, the exercise, can affect

4. Exercise the sense of balance can also enhance children's concentration, reading comprehension, sound sense, touch and language ability.

What are the ways to practice the balance board

1. Balance board standing

Step on both ends of the balance board and tighten the abdominal muscles. At the same time, coordinate the thigh muscles (quadriceps femoris) with the abdominal muscles to find a good balance and stand firm for 10 minutes. A simple gesture,

For the abdominal and leg muscles strong and shaping has a good effect.

2. Balance board squat

Stand on the balance board, find the balance point, and then slowly bend your knees to squat. At the same time, extend your upper limbs or encircle your chest to help your body maintain balance. During the squatting process, keep your knees no more than your toes, which is similar to standing horse step,

Each squat should last for 20 seconds, a total of 10 times. This movement is very helpful for reducing abdominal fat and strengthening abdominal muscles.

3. Balance board training support

Lie down facing the balance board, support your hands at both ends of the balance board, touch the ground with your toes, straighten your back, and tighten your abdominal muscles. At the beginning, you can maintain this position for 30 seconds, and then gradually extend the time according to your ability.

This movement has a good effect on strengthening abdominal muscles, back muscles and other muscles of the whole body.


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