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Some Trampoline Tricks

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-06-03 

1.Knee Drop

This is a trampoline trick for beginners, it’s super easy to accomplish, and it is an easy way to impress your friends. So basically, you jump in the air and land with your knees first, then you pop back up. It’s that simple! Check out the video below for more help understanding this trick.

2.Back Drop

The backdrop trick is another pretty simple trampoline trick. This trampoline trick is essentially a trust fall on a trampoline. Usually, in a trust fall, someone catches you well in the backdrop, the trampoline catches you and pushes you back up. You should land in the middle of your back if you are doing this trick correctly!

3.Front Drop

A front drop is the same thing as a backdrop, except for this time you are on your front. So remember when you jump fall forward, and then you will spring back up into an upright position.

4.Front Pullover

The front pullover is an amazing trampoline trick for more advanced trampoline jumpers. This trick starts off with you jumping in the air, and you basically do front flips and land on your back. When you land on your back, the motion continues to push you forward, propelling you into another flip. It’s kind of essentially like you are doing a roll flip. Check the video out below to see how the front pullover is properly done.

5.Back Pullover

So you are pretty much doing the opposite of what the front pullover is. You start by jumping straight up and land on your back. From all the momentum in your jump, it should push you into a backflip and spring you back up. The back pullover is much harder than the front pullover. Start by mastering the front pullover than work your way to the back. Check out the video below to get more of an idea on how to master this trick.

6.Time for a Spin

Spinning on a trampoline is not that difficult but carrying out multiple spins is the trick. Everyone can make a single spin while in the air. The ones who can spin multiple times in a single jump are the ones we call masters of the jump. Try spinning multiple times but keep a track on where you’re landing.
As now you have successfully executed the simple tricks, it is time you learn the complicated ones because these are the tricks that will make you stand out in your friends’ circle and you will be called a trampoline pro.Ready for the fun?
7.Pike Jump
With this trick, you are expected to jump very high. When you jump bring your legs in front of you, pointing together and position your hands straight up. After you have attained this position try touching your toes while in the air.
Now when you are up in the air, twist your body in a way that when you land you face a different direction. This is called a half-twist. For a full twist, try to twist your body faster and try to face the same direction at the time you jumped. This is called a full twist.
9.Front Flip
This trick is not so complicated. But it is the basic move to carry out the other complicated tricks. Take a good jump and while you are in the air tuck your legs inwards and push yourself forward to carry out a front flip.Make sure you land on your feet, otherwise it will be failed front flip.