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2021-06-27 why fitness goal is important

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-06-27 

      Fitness is often a long process, and trying to achieve our fitness goals is a difficult thing, which makes many people give up in the process of fitness. Therefore, in the process of fitness, how to set their own goals, it is important, which often determines whether you can sustain the fitness, whether you can achieve their fitness goals.

      When we first start working out, dreaming that our goals will be achieved soon, we are often full of excitement at this time, but our surge of adrenaline tends to fade quickly as well, and after a while, slowly lose interest in fitness. Then we start our fitness journey all over again. Such a process is all too familiar to us. So how do we avoid this vicious cycle and how can we really achieve our fitness goals?

1) Treat this mentality correctly

      Everyone is inert and it's a normal thing to not be able to consistently stick to fitness, we must learn to understand this mindset correctly, there is no shame in it. When we start working out, we should adjust our mindset, prepare for the worst, and always be prepared for disappointment and struggle.

      When setting fitness goals, we need to think about why we are starting a new fitness journey or why we are setting new fitness goals, and once we really think about it, we need to keep track of it and always remind ourselves.

2) Set the bottom line for yourself

      When you start to get overwhelmed and start to want to give up, remember to control this mindset, because we have given up too many times, this time we must persevere, just persevere a little more and step through this most difficult part of the process, your fitness journey will be greatly improved.

Why are fitness goals important?

   1) Make fitness less daunting

      Think about the last time we gave up on a goal and what the reason for giving up was. Setting goals that can be reached each time is very important for continued fitness.

      Take a look at your schedule and how many days a week you have available for you to actually work out. Maybe your schedule doesn't allow you to spend much time each week on fitness, but you can take time out of work to get yourself a quick sweat. The goal you set for yourself can't be a mountain that seems impossible to achieve, but rather break it down into small, actionable goals that aren't climbing a mountain, but rather walking up a series of reasonably small hills one after another.

      For example, if your goal is to lose weight, please don't set yourself goals such as how many pounds you must lose in a week, don't put too much pressure on yourself, you can break your goal down, for example: next week I'm going to make my exercise time increase a little bit. Know that consistency and stability is what wins the ultimate race, and that fitness is a journey, not a final destination.

      It's already a great thing to start and keep working out as soon as you do. Please don't overly attach deadlines and pressure to yourself, it will only make it harder for you to reach your goals.

   2) Can stimulate motivation

      The biggest challenge in fitness is our motivation. With continuous, achievable goals, we can be consistently motivated. Because it fits with the idea of motivation, as we achieve each small goal, we are able to see the progress we make each time, which will serve as motivation to keep going.

   3) Make exercise more effective

      When we have one or more specific small goals for each workout, we will be more able to focus our efforts. Because with clear goals, we can have targeted strategies to achieve our goals, and at the same time, this saves us time.

   4) Gives you a boost of confidence

      Each time we accomplish the small goals we set, it increases your motivation and enthusiasm to exercise, while gaining more confidence in your skills and abilities, making you more satisfied with yourself, and thus motivating you to continue to achieve more.

      Without setting reasonable fitness goals, our success will be out of reach. Reasonable goals that allow us to keep moving so we can accomplish our true goals.