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2021-06-23 why gymnastics stunts growth

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-06-23 

   It has been a much debated topic as to whether practicing gymnastics hinders growth. In fact, proper gymnastics training does not hinder growth, but rather promotes physical growth and development. So, why do some people think that gymnastics practice can hinder growth?

   It seems to us that gymnasts are not very tall, especially those who achieve higher success are on the short side. In fact, this is the result of a deliberate choice by the gymnastics coaches, because a short stature has more advantages in the sport of gymnastics.

   When coaches select gymnasts, they give priority to congenital conditions. Children who have short genes, or who are shorter in height through bone age measurements, etc., are singled out as a way to focus their development. The taller athletes are often placed in other programs because they have more difficulty completing standard gymnastic movements.

   Gymnastics is a stretching exercise, proper practice will not inhibit growth, but will also be beneficial to growth. The most crucial part of a child's growth is the growth of the body's bones, and through the exercise of stretching exercises such as gymnastics, the body's bones will be stimulated, at the same time, when the exercise can also promote the body's blood circulation, so that the body gets more nutrition, thus adding momentum to the growth of the bones, and ultimately make the child can grow taller.

   In addition, gymnastics is not a simple sport, gymnastics in a variety of movements require the domination and regulation of the nervous system. Germany has an authoritative survey shows that children who practice gymnastics from childhood, grow up in independence, intelligence and other aspects are higher than ordinary children, and a variety of complex gymnastic movements can enhance cerebral blood flow, bring more oxygen to the brain cells, promote brain development, so that children are smarter!

   Of course, no matter what the sport, if the intensity of the exercise is too high, it may inhibit the child's growth and is more likely to be injured.