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17 health benefits of gymnastics

Author:Admin │ Publication Date:2021-05-26 

One of the best ways to keep your body healthy during gymnastics training. Because gymnasts not only have to build muscles and improve flexibility, they can also choose a healthy lifestyle, be confident and able to make wise decisions, and become successful adults.
Regulate your mood and release stress, which can be obtained through regular physical exercise.
However, to improve one's cognitive and emotional state, a more rigorous and consistent training program is required. This is why gymnastics is so beneficial to you! Because it helps build morale, determination and better communication skills. It also improves sleep quality in the most effective way, fights depression and helps lose weight.
It is very important to participate in gymnastics training since childhood. Because it can target all muscle groups to achieve the improvement of body strength and flexibility. In addition, it fights a series of metabolic and immune diseases by lowering blood pressure and releasing antioxidant enzymes in the body.
Regarding our benefits for the gymnastics team, here are a total of 17 points, let us take a look.

1.This is a sport that benefits all sports
      Because gymnastics can exercise strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination and other abilities. Gymnastics has laid a good foundation for all sports. For example, the flexibility required for leg splits in gymnastics is the same as that required by hockey or football players to maintain goals. The speed and running technique used to perform the vault is the same as the strength and agility required to sprint a basketball court. Whether you become a competitive gymnast or participate in other competitive sports, practice gymnastics is a solid foundation for your success!

2.Gymnastics is not affected by weather and seasons
      Gymnastics is not affected by seasons, weather, etc., so you can participate throughout the year, or you can work as planned, and you can freely allocate time. Especially when the other sports you are engaged in start "vacation", you can do gymnastics exercises to enhance your strength and coordination ability. When you return to sports, you can easily enter the state of exercise.

3.Improve social skills and life experience
      Gymnastics is a sport that requires obedience, confidence, respect, and patience. When exercising, you need to follow the instructions of the coach, use the equipment in turns, and remember every detail of the movement. This requires children to be patient, careful and respectful. . Gymnastics is not only suitable for mastering general and fine motor skills, but can also cultivate the qualities that children should have as students and human beings, and can also provide children with good social experience in school.

4. Gymnastics can improve your mathematical ability
      Yes, mathematics is considered a spatial movement, which means that children need good spatial skills to understand mathematical equations and geometric principles. Gymnastics is like that! Through different ways of exercise, more connections are established in the child's brain, thereby improving the child's spatial awareness and helping the brain to prepare for learning mathematics.

5. Enhance self-confidence.
      Through the challenge of learning new skills, students have confidence in their ability to become stronger and overcome fear. The joy and pride of success brought by one's own efforts is an unforgettable feeling. Not only that, but learning how to perform for the audience and be judged by the performance is an incredible skill, and this increased self-confidence will be transferred to other aspects of their lives.

6. Improve coordination
      Gymnastics instruction helps to develop better coordination and physical movement. For young children, a large degree of self-confidence comes from their degree of coordination, because their "world" is so challenging.

7. Overcome fear
      Certain parts of gymnastics are very challenging. Fortunately, we can control the difficulty of the challenge. We think this is a good training for all children. They need to be challenged. The key is that we have to challenge them with "achievable challenges" so that they are successful most of the time. Face the challenge, perhaps with a little fear, and then complete the challenge. This is a wonderful part of the gymnastics class, and it happens all the time.

8. Learn to act in front of people
      Gymnastics classes allow students to show their skills in front of other students, which helps teach "acting" and makes it easier to perform in front of others. Gymnastics students are often the first in school to volunteer to do things before class because they have learned to "act", which will help them throughout their lives.

9. Increase determination
      Gymnastics requires determination. Some gymnastics skills are difficult to master, so even if they encounter difficulties, children learn the determination to continue working hard. This is a very important learning skill.

10. Cognitive function
      Studies have shown that children can learn cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that includes body and mind. Vigorous exercise in the gym will open up the nerve pathways in the brain, which can improve concentration, concentration and cognitive skills.

11. Build strength
      Gymnasts are known for their excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Participating in gymnastics can help build a good foundation for overall muscle strength, endurance and strength. Gymnastics can also enhance character-as activity increases, the content of endorphins also increases, which leads to more positive feelings.

12. Gymnastics is a fun activity
      Most importantly, it is fun to participate in gymnastics. Kids will love learning how to roll, flip, swing and make their bodies perform stunts they never thought of! In gymnastics, there is always another step to learn, so it is possible to learn new things in each class. It encourages children to be bold and explore their physical abilities.

13. Gymnastics can prevent diseases
      Gymnastics has many health benefits.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation estimates that lack of exercise can lead to a 50% risk of stroke and heart disease! Similarly, the Canadian Diabetes Association stated that regular sports will delay or even prevent type 2 diabetes. Finally, the American Cancer Society found that regular exercise is associated with a reduction in the risk of 13 types of cancer. These three examples clearly demonstrate the importance and benefits of children's exercise.

14. Regular gymnastics can significantly improve flexibility
      In life, you will not encounter inflexible gymnasts. Because gymnastics involves performing certain types of stunts and turns, it is very important to improve flexibility. In other words, the bending and twisting in gymnastics alleviates the stiffness of all types of muscles and joints.
      Therefore, gymnasts can perform a variety of movements without harming their joints and muscles. Young gymnasts are more flexible and have stronger ligaments, tendons and joints.

15.Strengthening gymnastics training can improve bone health
      Due to many factors including age, bones tend to become thinner and lose most of their nutrients. This can lead to serious health problems such as osteoporosis, bone loss and fractures.
In order to strengthen bones and accelerate bone mineral density, regular participation in gymnastics is essential. A study shows that gymnastics training has a positive effect on girls' bone health. It can improve the girl's bone geometry and resistance. This study analyzed the bone health of 49 girls between the ages of 9 and 13 years.
      According to the results, the bone thickness and volume bone density of the group undergoing intensive gymnastics training increased.

16. Participating in gymnastics may help you lose weight
      Gymnasts participating in the competition have increased muscle strength and reduced body fat to a minimum. Therefore, participating in gymnastics can greatly consume calories and make the body's muscles more fit and strong.

17. Gymnastics can also prevent and treat incorrect body postures
      Gymnastics will instill correct and healthy postural control. In this case, whether you are sitting or standing, keep an upright posture. Incorrect sitting or other incorrect postures usually cause fatigue and leg and back pain.